Freitas Funeral Home

In times of mourning, we promise to take care of all your needs.


We provide a professional service and counselling in hard times. We provide a number of services that we hope will help you in your hour of need.


We provide cremation services and counselling. We also provide embalming and restoring art services to ensure that the body resists decomposition. We can also provide exhumation services.


Our services include a modern mortuary house, well equipped vehicles and an embalming room. We promise to relive you from the stress and pressure of this difficult time.


Call us any time to request our professional services.


The Freitas Funeral Home began operating in 1979, providing services in the municipality of Santa Cruz, among others. In 2004 extended its business to the municipality of Santana by opening a branch - the "Santa Ana Funeral Home". Its work has always been based on the transparency and innovation of a service provided with the maximum competence and honesty.






Religious Items

We sell high-quality religious items in Portugal and abroad. Our religious items always have a very personal touch because they are still mainly handmade.  Most of our religious images are made of polystyrene, using steel molds, and all the finishing are made by hand, making each piece unique.

Religious Items

24-Hour Service

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We have three types of cremation urns. Contact us.

A professional service available at all times.

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Various natural flowers

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We have different types of funeral floral arrangements
We have Floral Crosses for coffin embellishment
Floral arrangements for funeral services
Our floral arrangements may be shaped as hearts
Order your favourite floral wreath for the funeral of your relative or friend

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Agência Funerária Freitas
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