Santa Ana Funeral Home

The Santa Ana Funeral Home provides a serious and respectful service to the mourning families. We take care of your relative or friend's funeral so you don't have any worries.


24-Hour Service Available at any time of day or night. Contact us.


We organize funeral services in Portugal and abroad. If you need your relative or friend's funeral to be organized abroad, contact us and we'll take care of everything.



We have various types of coffins for family tombs or municipal tombs, all with a full guarantee.



We have a wide variety of pine coffins for graves that range between low-cost and luxury solutions.



We have three types of cremation urns - low-cost, medium and luxury.


Achada - Pampilhar - Santana 


Tel/Fax: 291577004




24-Hour Service

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We have coffins for your family tomb. Contact us.
The prices of the coffins we sell varies according to their type and quality
If you want to decorate a coffin, we have several religious items
We have three types of cremation urns. Contact us.

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Agência Funerária Freitas
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Santa Cruz - Santa Ana Funeral Home

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